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Who we are:   The Adai Indian is a Native American Tribal Nation based on its traditional homelands in the west-central region of Louisiana. The Nation, headed by Chief Rufus Davis, earned official recognition as a tribal nation for its cultural contributions to the state of Louisiana and the world. The Adai Caddo Cultural Center has a significant presence in the Natchitoches and Robeline communities.  This historic center also serves as the tribal office and a place of gathering for members of the Adai Caddo Indian Nation.

Goals of the Adai Caddo Indian Nation:

  • Maintain Tribal culture and traditions for future generations by educating our children about their heritage.
  • Develop an educational outreach program which will allow the Adai Caddo Nation to share our history with other Native American and non-native groups, including the many indigenous tribes of the Americas, whom we referred to as “The American Indian”, because we are all the first people of the Americas.
  • Achieve a social and economic base that will result in self-sufficiency.
  • Establish and maintain solid partnerships with local businesses that will strengthen the Nation’s financial infrastructure.
  • Address the health, education and welfare of the Adai people.

Your generous support will allow us to expand our programs and educational outreach to schools, tribal members, community organizations, and the general public. We want to share this very important history of the American Indian, the first people of the Americas, which is rarely taught anywhere else other than the Adai Caddo Cultural Center.