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Tribal Grants Information for College Help

There are numerous foundations to support minorities seeking funding for school or college and they change from year to year. Please Google grant foundations to seek grants to help minorities and apply as an American Indian. Your membership of the Adai Caddo Nation, a state recognized tribe gives you a status as an American Indian minority to apply for these grants.



Please do not apply for grants for American Indians because most of these grants are for federal tribes and we would not qualify. But applying as a minority and American Indian member of the Adai Caddo Nation would qualify you for these grants.

If any grant foundation asks for tribal confirmation other than listing your tribal name and enrollment number, please let us know.

Everyone is encouraged to do your homework on this and once you get one grant filled out, you can use the same information to apply for other grants as you would want to get at least help from one or more.

You are usually not required to tell any grant foundation of other grants you are pursuing.


Thank you


Chief Davis