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Adai Caddo Tribal Meeting Saturday August 2, 2014 Highlights

We had our Shreveport Tribal Meeting this past weekend and we had a very great turn out. Many people who couldn’t attend called ahead to let us know how they are sorry for not catching this meeting but will attend the next one. Our meeting started off with Chief Davis talking about tribal status and some very interesting history. Chief called several people up to talk in a group, those talking and sharing old stories and remembering old times included Dee Niette Thompson, Joe Davis, Chuck Davis, Charlie Davis, Joe Bill Davis, Chief Rufus Davis, Jeanette Davis Grant, Patsy Rosalies Silva,  Lee Solice, Howard Rosalies, Evy Davis Laborde, Debbie Solice Garrett and myself Robin Solice Leyva.Each person talking added more and more to our oral history collection. I never get tired of hearing stories from my people about my people. Everyone in our family knows how unique our history is. We all gave credit to Chief Davis for all he does and has done over the past many years. We all agreed that no other could ever fill his moccasins. Chief Davis is a very modest man and NEVER wants anyone to know all he does and all his many accomplishments but I have worked for him for twelve years so I think I have bragging rights but that will come at a later time. But I just want all our family members to know that Chief is ALWAYS working for us, to help us and to get us to federal recognition that we all deserve in honor of our people that walked these same grounds we walk today. Chief has given to us something that has made us all walk with our heads up with his extensive historic research and achieving state recognition that recognizes us as Adai Indians all over the world. We know where we come from, we know what we are  and we are proud Adai Caddo Indians.

We will be holding more meetings in different locations and I hope all our people/tribal members will do their best to attend one. If you don’t you are missing some very good tribal family time and stories. If you have any old family pictures please bring them to share .